How can you support us?
How do I become a Dana Fest partner?
For sponsors and patrons of DANA FEST
The international festival DANA Fest is named after Israel singer, Dana International, the winner of "Eurovision 1998". Beautiful, successful and gifted Dana became a positive role model for many transgender communities. Afterwards, many transgender people followed her example - they openly came out against the homophobic and transphobic attitudes in the society and declared their belonging to transgender community.

The goal of the Fest is to bring together all the transgenders and transsexuals in the community, support their creative potential and provide a platform for self-realization and informational and psychological help.

The aim of the organizers is to cover life issues of transgender people truthfully. We inform the society about different spheres of activity of our representatives and deliberately incline public opinion to tolerant and positive attitude to transgender community.

The Third International Festival will be held from the 7 till 10 of October 2020 in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.

Unfortunately, the representatives of creative surroundings not only in Russia, but in Ukraine and other countries of the former USSR don't have financial opportunities for several days' trip abroad.

To take part in the festival, it requires a lot of money to have an accommodation, food and so on. We will appreciate any support from the people who have opportunity to help our participants financially, for example, to pay for accommodation for one of the contestants during the festival. Our participants are not only talented, but also very brave, beautiful and everyone is worthy of support.

How can you support us?
If you get the "Participant Package" – you have already supported the festival! You pay for your trip to the festival, but also some part of the funds will cover the arrangement expenses and the participant's accommodation during the festival. All the receipts from ticket sale will cover the needs of the festival: accommodation and food of the

participants, rent of conference-hall for our briefing, forum, seminars, rider payment of guest artists and jury members.

If you have financial opportunity to donate more money, we would be grateful – our big dream is to invite Dana International! If you want to help us, please contact We will appreciate any proposal and get in touch with you!