Fest 2009
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
On January 24, 2009 in the night club "GALA" the International Festival of Trans-Culture "DANA Fest 2009" dedicated to Dana International took place.

The II International Trans-Culture Festival brought together under its wing residents not only from Russia and Europe, but also representatives from Mexico and the Middle East. The Festival was attended by representatives of: Finland, the Netherlands, Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, Israel, as well as Russia and Germany. Representatives of the United Arab Emirates actively participated in the "New Face" distance competition.
The competition program was held in several stages throughout 2008. After long discussions and reflections, 7 participants were admitted to the final:
  • Paula Pantera
    (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
  • Eva Semenovich
    (Moscow, Russia)
  • Tina De Lux
    (Kishinev, Moldova)
  • Malina Butyrat
    (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
  • Anita d'Sante
    (Khabarovsk, Russia)
  • Amazonka Getera
    (Kishinev, Moldova)
  • Aurora Diamont
    (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

The jury of the festival, chaired by the singer and actor - Kostya Diva (Helsinki, Finland), as well as the advisory committee represented by the artist Olga Bazanova (St. Petersburg, Russia) and the photographer Igor Kro (St. Petersburg, Russia), as a result of long debates, determined the winners and laureates of the II International Festival of Trans-Culture "Dana Fest"
"New face 2009"
the following participants were admitted to the final of the "New Face 2009" competition (see the album).

The winner in the "New Face" nomination was Aurora Diamont (St. Petersburg, Russia) - a studio photo session and portfolio prize from photographer Igor Kro.
The winners in the remaining nominations were:
  • In the nomination "Best Stage Image" II place in the overall standings - Anita d'Sante (Khabarovsk Russia) - Music Center prize.
  • In the nomination "Best image in the style of DANA" I place at the Festival - EVA SEMENOVICH (Moscow, Russia) - laptop prize.
  • Special gifts from the chairman of the jury of the Festival "DANA Fest 2009" - Kostja DIVA pearl necklace and a set of pearls (necklace and earrings) went to Paulа Pantera (St. Petersburg, Russia) and Tina De Lux (Chisinau, Moldova).
  • A contestant from Moldova, Amazonka Getera, was also awarded a special diploma as a very interesting non-standard image.
In additional nomination won:
  • "PLATINUM LADY" - the most demanded travesty artist of St. Petersburg Malvina von BEGEMOTH
  • "BREAKTHROUGH OF THE YEAR" - for the project "KinoVyhod: a man in someone else's body" - LGBT organization "EXIT"

Alex Bond (Brest, Belarus), Vava Volochkova (St. Petersburg, Russia) and Show-Ballet GRIGORIAN (St. Petersburg, Russia) came to congratulate the contestants and greet the audience.
The evening was spent inimitable - Malvina von Behemoth.
Letters of thanks were awarded to the partners of the Festival:

  • To the editor-in-chief of the magazine "TimeOut Petersburg"
  • Art Director of the night club "GALA"
  • To the Editor-in-Chief of "True Gay Radio"
  • To the chief editor of the portal XS.GAY.R

DJ Baba Dee
(St. Petersburg, Russia) played her sets on the dance floor all evening.