Saint-Petersburg, Russia
First International
festival "DANA Fest"
took place on January 25, 2008
in the Lounge-cafe "Velvet".

"DANA Fest" is dedicated to the Israeli pop diva DANA INTERNATIONAL. The format of the event was more like a meeting of good old friends who had gathered to congratulate the birthday girl on her birthday. The festival program consisted entirely of Dana's songs and music. Both eminent stars of the night Petersburg and novice artists taking their first steps lit up on the stage.
The opening of the festival was Yulia Gagarina, masterly beating Dana's most famous hit "DIVA". Travesty artists appeared on the stage during the evening: Vava Volochkova (St. Petersburg), Babbetta (St. Petersburg), Alexa Etual (St. Petersburg), as well as the parodist Janet Pati (St. Petersburg). In Russian, "DIVA" was performed by a young singer - Mitya Besfamilny (St. Petersburg). The artists were supported by the GRIGORIANs show-ballet under the direction of the honored choreographer Alexander Malygin (St. Petersburg). And the guest star KOSTYA DIVA (Helsinki, Finland) lit up the hall with his songs in "live" performance.
Alexey Uskov (St. Petersburg), better known to the night audience of St. Petersburg as Malvina von Begemot, came to congratulate all the participants. DJ Baba Dee (drag queen DJ, St. Petersburg) and DJ AnnYESka (Pskov) were at the console all evening. The host of the evening was miss Varya Virtanen (St. Petersburg).

Only thanks to Yuri Starr (Tallinn, Estonia) and Eva Semenovich (Tel Aviv, Israel) we got access to many audio, photographic materials and biographies of DANA INTERNATIONAL and all this was combined into a single whole by the brilliant technical director - Oleg Vasiliev (St. Petersburg). The evening passed in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. We managed to gather more than 150 people under the idea of the festival. Those who could not join, expressed their words of support and parting words.